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Angel of Coldness // Madison and Tate



Madison never had a boy give that much attention to her clit or nipples and she just couldn’t stay still beneath him, her small body was unable to decide if it wanted to push up against the hand on her chest or the one between her legs.  Most of the time boys would give her clit a few sloppy strokes or possibly suck on one of her nipples as they fumbled to get their dick out of their pants to push inside her. That was if she was lucky, most of them didn’t even touch her at all and only cared about their pleasure.

She lifted slightly to make it easier for Tate to get her shirt off , resting back against the mattress once he was done. “You can take everything off me…” The starlet managed to get out between heavy breaths. “I want to be naked for you…” All she wore at that point was a skirt, that was now pushed up to reveal the lacy panties that Tate had his hand inside of. “Tell me I’m all yours…” Madison wanted to keep him talking, she loved hearing his voice when it was deep with desire for her. “Are any other boys allowed to touch me, Tate?” Madison just wanted to see what kind of a reaction she could get out of him, see how much he really cared. She didn’t want anyone else’s hands on her, only his.

A soft moan escaped her lips when she felt how hard he was against her leg, she pushed her knee up to rub against his erection in an attempt to give him some relief until she could have her hands on him.  “I do want to…I want to make you feel so good.” Madison practically moaned in response, breath catching slightly in her throat as she felt Tate guide her hand down. Immediately she started run her hand up and down the outline of his erection, feeling it throb beneath the fabric holding it in.

They had never gone this far and, although she was nervous, Madison wanted it. Slowly she tugged at his zipper, reaching into his jeans to pull him free from the tight pants. “I bet that feels better.” She murmured as she curled her fingers around his length and started to pump. Madison knew that she was going to give herself to Tate in every way he wanted her but she needed this foreplay so much, it was something she never really got to experience and she was going to make the most of it. “Fuck it’s big…” Madison blurted out, she didn’t have much tact when she was really turned on like she was at that moment.


▍ ▎ ▏The little devil had been with female’s before, Violet, and even Hayden. He knew all the right places to give Madison the release she was going to need. Foreplay was a skill he had mastered, and he enjoyed the sensations that it caused. Blackened hues, rested on soft brown as his fingertips traced around the nimble buds of her nipples, and his other hand traced the pink, aroused bud of her clit. He could see the way that she was throwing her head back, eyes rolling into the back of her head as she attempted to gather her wits about her to be able to return the foreplay, and level the playing field. His erection was so swollen that it was practically unbearable to feel her leg moving against it, and he struggled to remain still, and released a low moan.

▍ ▎ ▏Her words held truth within them. It was incredibly painful to have an erection, and swollen, and needy as his was. He had never wanted release so desperately in his life. When her fingertips finally freed him from his jeans he nodded vigorously when the teasing words left her lips. It did feel better—even just a slight bit—and all of that relief was ripped from him when her nimble fingers wrapped around his thickened manhood, the throbbing turned ten-fold, and another loud moan escaped , and he chewed down on his lower lip as he tried to maintain his coherence, while also continue the movements of his fingers against her.

▍ ▎ ▏❝It….is,❞ He admitted knowing that his erection was several times it’s normal size right now. He only grew this aroused when he was throughly turned on, and in this moment she was doing that for him. Her words were like honey, sweet, and slow, while her strokes to his erection were enough to turn him inside out, and make him question everything he knew about anything.

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step-siblings || maddison & colin




The sensations were incredible as she just continued moving. When he began to suck on her clit that was when she really became vocal, every suck caused her to moan throughout the room.Finally her body couldn’t handle the pleasure, with a final arch and a screaming moan she came. It felt so good to finally be able to release all of that stress, he legs were still shaking from how strong it was, it might be a while for this to happen again but it was with him. Tugging his hair close to her so she could just hold him. All she wanted to do was have him holding her.

"Colin… I know I shouldn’t be worrying or anything but still. What are we supposed to do, convince me that things will be okay." If she could hear him say it she could possibly make herself believe it.

▏The male didn’t know what to say to her final words. He knew little about whether things would be alright, he couldn’t even convince himself that they would be, even though they most likely would if given some time. His lips pressed together, and his tongue traced across them slowly. He finally relaxed his features, and gave her a tender, loving smile. One of his most charming, and spoke, ❝Everything will be fine…as long as we have one another.❞ He admitted, and leaned in, pressing his lips to hers briefly, before cuddling to her side.

   The truth was he didn’t know what was in store, but he knew that it didn’t matter. He would never be convinced to cease loving her no matter what came their way, or how many obstacles he would have to face to do so. He loved her, and he needed her.

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Peter&Felix | Why Can’t You Hear the Pipes? AU



God that hurt, Peter’s words wounded him deep, he felt his heart shatter to a tiny millions pieces, but then again the wanting lost boy died daily when it came to his deep seeded desires he felt that only the green eyed boy could fill. Knowing full well how Peter felt about such things, things pertaining to adulthood love, and he did the most foolish thing he could ever do, he fell for the epitome of what love could not attain. He could never ever hope to reach him, it was futile, but maybe not all hope was lost maybe there was someone out there for him. In Neverland such a thing for a boy under Peter’s rule, was a forbidden pursuit, but curious enough the boy king seemed to be permitting him to give his heart to another. He hated himself, for he just couldn’t stop wanting. What was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he just be as Peter was, forever locked in childhood, a carefree and wicked soul doing whatever his heart desired, and giving no care to the consequences, as if there were any for a god. He wish he could extinguish those feelings that plagued his soul, he was burdened down with it, and sooner or later it would take its toll.

If he wasn’t burning with hot steaming lust, he would have run off somewhere to drown in his defeat, but the ferocious need to take pleasure in Peter’s body, was too great to fight. Besides, this was the closest he would ever come to having his dream fulfilled. Perhaps, if he could pleasure him good enough, maybe he could have him entirely in another way, take possession of his body, his lust.


He was beautiful lain out on top of his cloak, cock fully erected standing at attention, precum leaking down its shaft. Peter wanted him, that much was evident, and he was fully prepared to give it to him. He spread Peter’s legs apart, so that now they straddled his hips. His hands slid up the boy’s inner thighs to his entrance, taking some of the fluid from his tip he wets the other’s hole quickly, then pushes himself in.  His finger’s still wet from the precum, he wipes over the boy’s chest as he caresses and leans down to nip and lap at his flesh, marking him as he went along; blood mingled with his siliva from the harsh nips and bites to his lips. “I may not have your heart, but by the gods I’ll claim you this way. You’ll never want another to touch, or fuck you when we’re through tonight. One way or’ll be mine, even if I have to kill to keep it this way. If I can’t have your love..then I’ll take what I can have.” 

▏The immortal can feel his erection leaking pre-cum. So much excitement lingered in that air that the boy could almost taste it. His skin was vibrating beneath with waves of yearning, mixed with all of the anticipation of what Felix would do and when he would do it. Feeling the other climbing on top of him, the boy braced himself. He had never been taken before, he had only ever lain with women, none of whom were equipped to take a male. He had always done the fucking, never been fucked. His fingers clutched the rock beneath his body as he felt Felix beginning to thrust inside of him. 

  His words didn’t trouble Peter, he knew that death was only another form of life. Nothing caused Peter to fear a thing. He believed that Felix would kill for what he wanted, and there wasn’t a doubt in his mind about any of that, but he had no real attachment to any of the other lost boys he had just threatened to take from him. Peter was a form of heartless, maybe even soulless, and it took much to rattle him. He believed at times that nothing truly could, though in this moment he couldn’t spew such words, basically because he did have a weakness, and in this moment it was yearning for lust to be fulfilled. He yearned, yes he yearned deeply, but Peter didn’t see that as a weakness, at least not outright. 

   He saw it as an urge that could be fulfilled, and would be fulfilled by Felix. He found his hips arching backwards against Felix’s, and he let low moans escape his lips from the friction against his entrance. His hands clutched the cloak, and he clenched his eyes shut, magic bursting from his body, crashing more waves against the rocks, harder, and faster, while the wind blew leaves from trees it was gusting at such a harsh, and unstable speed.

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monster (how should i feel?) || {eightholyterrors}




☠ ▏▸ He’s only vaguely aware that she reached her own release somewhere in all of the sexual roughness. Now that the monster inside him is sated and darkness is ebbing, he’s able to breathe. The embrace is a strong form of comfort; assurance that she isn’t completely terrified of him and all his filth and viciousness. The kiss and her whispered declaration only further this pleasant sensation. She isn’t afraid after he’s bruised and hurt her. He worried that she bleed at some point, and he buries his face in her neck to hide such an inferior expression.

☠ ▏▸ All he can bring himself to do is listen to her heartbeat now. He did this with the other girl, yes he did. But she had ruined the moment. What he knew from movies and books was that she was supposed to be quiet. But the other had been crying, body racking with sobs. He’d even toyed with the idea of pulling her blindfold off to see if it would calm her to see him, but the rational part of him knew this would be a poor idea. He’d been right of course. Now Bethany, his darling with hair like spun sunshine, she was doing what he knew was right for love. Oh, he is so very far from perfect. ❝You are an angel.❞ And it is full of fondness, his long fingers playing with her long tresses. ❝Did I hurt you badly?

☩ ▏▸ The pain was nothing in her mind. It wasn’t even a lingering thought, and she didn’t fear what he could do to her. Not when he was holding her like this. She knew the monstrous part of him was at rest, now it was just him, plainly, and simply. She curled against him, feeling th bruises beginning to form she wished she had blankets to cover them, less he feel repulsed by the marks he had made on her skin. Her fingertips traced against his cheek, and she smiled, ❝Then that makes you one too.❞ She stated simply, ❝I asked you too…❞ She whispered as he mentioned her the pain. 

 ☩ ▏▸ ❝But no, you didn’t hurt me…it felt….good.❞ She admitted sheepishly a blush spreading across her cheeks as she thought about the fact that she had practically pleaded with him to beat her, while he fucked her. If he considered himself a monster then what did that make her? A masochist? A sadist? Whatever it made her she wanted more, she never wanted to be without him, no one had ever allowed themselves to hurt her before.

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Killian&Emma | Your One True Protector AU




Emma helped him rid her of her undergarments, her heart beating rapidly in her chest as she was finally bared to him fully. She bit her lip, swallowing thickly as she glanced down at her own bare body. She gave him a hesitant smile as she tilted her head to meet his eyes. “I hope I don’t pale in comparison to what you might have imagined… if you imagined this, that is.” She trembled, whether it be from the chilly air or from the fact that she was sitting astride him and she could fell him pressing up against her through his trousers, pressed against parts of her that had never been touched like that. 

▏She couldn’t have even if she had tried, and he didn’t know exactly how to express such a thing to her. His eyes traced over her pale skin, and he knew that there would never be a moment that she could disappoint him in such a way. He craved her touch, and her lips too much for all of that. His heart was practically pounding from his chest cavity, and he knew that he would never want another in the way that he wanted her.  ❝You are the epitome perfection.❞ He said after a long moment, his eyes showing hers exactly how serious he was about that statement.

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Ryane & Aubrey




Ryane’s smirk only grew as the fabric of the towel was tugged down from around his waist. He didn’t so much as flinch, perfectly confident in his appearance and knowing that the view would only please. “Don’t act like you don’t know. And you also know that if you play with fire..” He eased the beer from her hand, placing both his and hers down on the table before catching the side of her face in his hand. “You tend to get burnt.” His other hand went to her waist, pulling her roughly against him as his mouth caught hers in a lustful kiss. It was heated and rough, and his fingers twisted into her hair in a motion that was claiming. But this was only a tease, a taster of what he could really give her. With one last gentle tug on her lower lip, Ryane broke the kiss, leaning back and resting his arms along the back of the couch. “Someone’s a little needy. In need of a distraction?”

▏Of course he was entirely right. She knew precisely what she did to him, and she didn’t care in the least. She enjoyed watching him squirm, and loved to play with fire.  ❝Do you now? Well then….it’s a good thing I like the way it burns.❞ She tasted his lips, the alcohol still lingering on them, and she smiled mischievously as she felt his arms entwining around her. She enjoyed the feeling of his arms wrapped around her protectively. She felt secure in his arms, perhaps it was why sh always tempted him so much. She liked things the way she liked them, and he never questioned her reasoning. He never called her a whore—like others had—and he never shied away, he encouraged her advances, and she loved him for it.  ❝Though I still must admit….I have no inkling what you mean.❞ She teased a bit, and took another swig of her beer,  ❝I am quite the innocent…❞ Her hand traced against his stomach lightly,  ❝I assure you.❞ She batted her eyelashes as her hand met with his manhood, and wrapped around it, subtly.

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"You wouldn’t.." He said softly. He really hoped that she didn’t because that would send him over the edge. He could deal with every other magical thing she threw at him, just not those plants. "I’m not a scardy wolf!" He said in frustration before he kissed her back softly, letting it linger a little longer.


▏She perked an eyebrow,  ❝Wouldn’t I though?❞ She teased back, and kissed him deeper, before nodding,  ❝Big Bad Scardy wolf!❞ She cooed against his lips, and rested her head back down on his chest proudly. She loved him, even if he was afraid of some poor helpless plants, he amused her because of that, and in general she had never loved anyone more than she loved him.

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Just Want to be Whole|| Roman and Letha AU




Her breathing was starting to become steady. She didn’t know if she would ever be the same. Not after this, not after having spent another night in her angel’s arms. He was pulling out of her but he wasn’t letting her go. Her arms wound around his as she curled up around his frame. His arm was around her waist and she let her arms go around him once again. Her body was exhausted, having been pushed to it’s limits. She wanted to pass out but at the same time she wanted to stay awake. She didn’t want the night to end, even though she knew that it had to.

"I love you too," she mumbled, her eyes slowly shutting," My angel." It was only a matter of seconds before she felt herself falling asleep. Her body curled around his and sleep claimed her. There were no dreams this time because she was with the one that haunted her dreams. Everything finally felt right, like it should have been this way all along. What on earth did that even mean?

— — ✘ 
   ▏He found himself mesmerized by her, even as she began to fall asleep in his embrace, and he pulled her until she was pressed against him firmly. He took in the beating of her heart, and he thought about the way he had just joined with her as one again, and he couldn’t help, but to love her. She was his cousin, but she was more than that. She was his own personal angel, and even though she had no ability to compel like he did, he had no wish to ever leave her side.  ❝Goodnight, sweet Letha.❞ He cooed, and listened to the sound of her breathing, holding her tightly against his front.

  There had never been someone that loved another more than he loved his Letha. He doubted there was anything stronger than his overpowering love for her. She was his shining star, and she was so much brighter than he could have possibly imagined. She was like looking into the sunlight, too bright to stand alone.  ❝I shall take you away, someday my dear sweet Letha.❞ He promised into her ear as she slept, his own eyes flicking closed as he finally allowed himself sleep.

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                      ’ I must admit, the whole ‘cold as 
                        a witch’s tit’ thing really suits your
                        style. ‘ 

▏ ❝Well thank you!
         She giggled lightly, and smiled at him.

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hey, could you please tag your nsfw? shmanks c:



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