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❞You can’t be serious right now.
There is plenty of food over
there. Why do you want mine?❞

❝Mostly because it’s yours!❞ 

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         ” you can’t just keep coming back
           to me when you’re bored. i’m
                       not a toy. “


 ❝Who said you were a toy?❞
        She grasped at his hands, and 
        smiled, ❝It is true…I am bored,
        and you always seem to know
        how to fix that.❞

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Ash&Leah | Always Return to Me AU



  ( it  has been a couple of years now since he had
    left his hometown. ash wasn’t a boy who forgot
    easily. if he made promises he always kept them,
    and even if years passed by he still remembered.
    one heavy step to come back and turn into this
    so familiar road. bad things had happened on his
    long journey and he was more or less traumatized
    of them, so it looked like he was lost in his own 
    town. his feet walked up to a doorframe which wasn’t
    his own. it was the one of the person he had trusted 
    the most and who he now needed the most. even
    when he wasn’t ready to talk about it, he just needed
    her around, so he knocked once and rested his hand 
    on the door, in hope she would be home.  )

▏Leah hadn’t seen him in years. It felt like it
    had been a lifetime, and perhaps in a way
    it had been. A piece of her had departed 
    with him, and many nights had been spent
    with tears tracking down her cheeks, not 
    even her own pokemon could cause her to
    forget about him, or help her feel better. 
    Her Chikarita had transformed into a Bayleaf
    in the time span that he had been gone, and
    even Bayleaf wasn’t the same. Her Bayleaf
    missed Pikachu, they had become friends
    the few times that Ash had visited after he 
    left. She always found herself waiting for a 
    knock on the door, so when she heard it, 
    her ears perked up, but she instantly thought
    it was her imagination playing tricks on her.

        Standing from the kitchen table she walked to the 
        door Bayleaf close behind, and opened it. Seeing
        the look on his face, it was almost instant that she
        felt her heart sink. Her arms wrapped around him
        and she held him close to her, ❝What happened?❞
        She questioned pulling him inside. All at once he
        was forgiven. Again.

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Today marked the day  when   Ella  would  be  returning
to her good ol’ Paris, after two years.  Under unfortunate
circumstances, she had to leave with her stepmother to
Amsterdam  but  it  was supposed to be only for a short
period of time.

                                      If you consider two years short, that is.

It was a delight to step on the platform, with her bags
in her hand. Paris hadn’t changed one bit.  The smell
of romance in the air, the beautiful sun and of course
the Eiffel tower looking right at you  from  high  above.

She had set off for the journey alone,     because her
stepmother still had some work  left  to  complete  in
Amsterdam.         Either that——or her two bratty step
sisters had asked to abandon  the brunette for  once
so that they had time for themselves.

No matter what the reason may have been, it was a
win-win situation for the girl.        She got her chance
to be free from her tragic life,    and she got to return
to Paris.   And more importantly——her  best  friend.

Cinderella never had one   moment in her life pass
by where she didn’t regret to have left him. The first
few months in  Amsterdam were tough for that very
reason.       She felt a part of her was missing there.

So the first place she could imagine to   set foot at
was his house. Ella took a cab which dropped her
off somewhere near his house.      After paying the
needful,     the girl picked up her backpack and the
heavy suitcase her mother had sent with her,  she
started   walking   on      the     path     paved     with

                                 Nothing seemed to have changed there.

However, a few minutes later,   she felt really tired
carrying all the load.     A little bit clumsy too.    And
that    resulted   her    into    bumping    into   a   tall,
well-built man. She almost fell back, but regained
her balance soon after.        He seemed strangely
familiar.         The eyes seemed strangely familiar.

                                     I’m really very sorry. Can you tell me whether
                                                I’m going in the right way? I’m looking for
                                                                                Danny’s house. 


▏She looked right through him…she always seemed
    to look right through him. He tried to tell himself that
    it had been two whole years, and that she probably
    had just forgotten what he looked like, but that made
    it worse somehow. Everyone looked right through him
    it wasn’t just her, she was just the person it was most
    painful to be invisible to. He should have told himself
    that it was normal, and by now he should have been
    used to it, but for some reason he had never managed
    to become used to it.

          ❝It’s me…Danny.❞ He mentioned slowly, his eyes meeting
          hers. He would have recognized her anywhere. He had 
          loved her his entire life after all. She never seemed to look
          at him in such a way, but he had always noticed her that 
          way, even if he wasn’t supposed to.❝Don’t you remember?❞
          He found his voice teasing—mostly because he was trying
          not to sound as hurt as he felt—and felt his hands trembling
          ever so slightly.

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step-siblings || maddison & colin




❝Well what are you trying not to remember? Look, it might now sound like the right thing, but you will probably feel better telling someone your problems, than keeping it bottled up, it could probably kill you on the inside. I don’t want that being the case and you can tell me anything… A sex addict would be someone who has sex to avoid things. Soon it’s like a daily thing, ‘I’m having this problem so let me have sex first’ and it just becomes something you do so much that you can’t stop. It’s a filler for something. I want to know what your something is. Even if things between us end up getting messed up, I want to at least help you somehow.❞

Sighing and actually curling her fingers against his chest. Things always had to be difficult for her, one way or another, it was tough enough to love them but not being allowed to. If she ever said something like that- anyone would think she was crazy. ❝Colin. Did you think our parents waited for us to break up before they continued onward? Or did you think this just happened accidentally..❞

▏His mind didn’t want to hear such things. He didn’t want to hear them. He wasn’t a sex addict in his own mind, and he never would be. He just…he needed it to forget things. He was going to keep telling himself that, and perhaps it would become true in more than just his own mind. His eyes focused on her, and he shook his head, ❝No. Stop saying that…I am a sex addict…and if I wanted to talk about the things I wish to forget, then I wouldn’t need to forget them. You wouldn’t understand…❞ He didn’t talk about the darkness, it would consume him if he did. His own parents never knew about the darkness, why would he tell her? Or anyone? He sighed, and shook his head.

   ❝I don’t know…I didn’t even know they were together.❞ The fact that they had been together at all, disturbed him greatly. He loathed his father for doing this to him. He truly did, and he hated himself even more, for being so bared to Maddison.

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Forgive the graphic, I am terribly bad at those. I’ve had this blog for four months and hit the 100 follower mark yesterday. This marks yet another milestone: my first ever follow forever! Yes, it’s true. So strap in kids, because this will be an interesting journey for all!

I am beyond grateful, and know that I never would have made it without some of you and your promos. Believe it or not, up until about a month ago, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep this blog. It took a lot of putting myself out there, which if you know me and some of you do now, was an incredibly difficult feat thanks to my debilitating shyness and fear that I annoy everyone. However, here we are, and I’m so glad I stuck around.


While I appreciate and value every single one of you, these people deserve a special mention. They’re the ones I’ve become close to, and I consider to be great friends.

rxgeant - Girl, you are the whole reason I got into indie roleplaying after a literal year of not doing it. There were nights where I was up in the wee hours with you helping me figure out the important bits of my characters and asking questions that helped correct inconsistencies in a couple of them (looking at you, Ryan.)

the-fine-art-of-bitchcraft - My one and only Madison. What can I tell you that you don’t already know? We, like our muses, had an instantaneous chemistry. But whereas they’re kind of goo goo eyes with each other, I consider us very good friends. I’ve always adored rping with you, and will continue to rp all the things.

coffeeshopmuses - Dude, I still remember how intimidated I was to approach you all those months ago. I was so worried you’d think I was some kind of a loser and we’d part ways. Now we have a brotp, an otp, and whatever the hell Logan and Kendall are. I absolutely love roleplaying with you, no matter how we twist and bend the time lines.

forgettxblex - I think it’s safe to say you have quickly become one of my best friends. You’ve helped me out in times when things felt a little too much, and I will never forget that (unless you sic Amelia on me). I love our conversations and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world


These are people, new and old, that I have written with. I barely know some of you, but I can’t wait to get to know you better!

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This is pretty self explanatory. These are the people I’d love to rp with but haven’t for one reason or another.

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step-siblings || maddison & colin




❝Okay. So we can fix that part, but if that’s how you deal with everything then you’re a sex addict then. What are you trying to forget?❞ Moving closer to him and resting her head on his chest. Listening to his heart beat like she usually would, closing her eyes and focusing on it. Missing the moments she would do this early in the moment before he woke up. He looked so at peace when he was sleeping, so comfortable so at rest. Once they resolve this they had another issue; which would be their parents.

Her fingers combing through his hair, pressing a kiss to his jaw before she looked up at him,❝You’re way more than your problems are, don’t make yourself become a problem, and don’t let them consume you okay?❞

▏It was too late not to be consumed by his problems, he already had become a part of his problems. He was a problem. He never thought of the fact that he was a sex addict. He had never felt like it was that serious, it wasn’t ever really about the sex—or at least that was what he told himself—it was about distracting his mind, and sex was the easiest distracting thing he could think of. Sex had become a crutch, to forget anything that stressed him out, and he never thought about the reasons behind why that was. His eyes focused on her, and he shook his head slowly,  ❝Nothing…I just…I don’t want to remember certain things…so it helps.❞ he avoided her eyes as he said that much to her, and trailed his fingers through her hair.

  ❝I am not a sex addict…not truly.❞ he insisted, and released a small sigh. His eyes focused on the ground, and he thought about all the obstacles that kept them apart. He had loved her before he had ever been her ‘brother’ and that was making things worse somehow. He didn’t know how to be anything but who he was.

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Lonnie & Layla | Surviving the War AU




.*【✿》・゜゚・…•Too hard on her. Layla couldn’t even begin to fathom the idea of him taking her side of this. The little girl was completely out of line, and the idea that she thought Lonnie would do such a horrible act with her made Layla want to vomit. As soon as the boy was out of her sight, she grabbed the bottle of whiskey from the medicine cabinet. Downing several swigs of the dark liquid, Layla replaced it deep within the cabinet, and hurried back to the bathroom to brush her teeth. The last time Lonnie caught her drinking alcohol, he had not been very happy, and she didn’t want him to notice the small on her breath now.  

.*・゜゚・…Several minutes passed before she was back in the kitchen, and dinner was ready before either of her siblings had returned home. Deciding to wait on them, Layla set the table to prepare for a normal family dinner, and took her seat in silence as she had a sip of her tea, and placed her hands upon the table. If the next few months were anything like this, she would need to buy much more whiskey. ✧*。…˚₊*】*

♢ ▋ ▍ ▎The next few weeks were incredibly difficult or Lonnie, and probably Bailey and Layla as well. Lonnie threw himself into work, and spent most of his time out of the house—which was something he never used to enjoy but now he did—and it seemed as though everyone had grown distant. Bailey was barely in the house when he came home between jobs, and he rarely saw her. She was always off with ‘friends’ and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know exactly what that meant, so he never asked. He barely paid attention to even Layla, because he didn’t want Bailey to keep having to experience the same things over, and over again. 

♢ ▋ ▍ ▎He had already severely fucked up little Bailey, and he didn’t plan to keep fucking her up further. He came home one evening exhausted, and slid down on the couch, closing his eyes for a few moments. Bailey was already in bed—he hoped—and he himself felt like the world was closing in on itself.  ❝Layla…?❞ He called out, wondering if she was there, or not.

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