As though he were just a child, her words caused him to pout even more dramatically and begin to whine. “Noooo,” he complained, drawing the word out much longer than was entirely necessary. He attempted to free his arm, though his attempts were half-hearted at best, more joking than anything. “Why would you do that? I thought we were friends!” 

He met her eyes then, and his pout transformed into a grin against his will. He was just glad to see her so much happier than she had been at the beginning of this conversation. “Fine, if you want to watch Frozen with me, then you have to put up with me singing all those songs. I know them off by heart now, thanks to Abby and Maddie, you know,” he said, referring to his two little nieces. Then, with a laugh, he added, “I make a pretty awesome Anna if I do say so myself.”


 Tabitha laughed as he whined, and she shrugged
    when he mentioned knowing all the songs, “Oh I 
    think most people know the words to all the songs!” 
    She teased, and leaned her head on his shoulder.
    her fingers lightly playing with his. She hadn’t really
    been one to be happy lately, he was the only person
    that could brighten her day. At least for the moment.
        Losing all of her friends had truly humbled the former queen 
        it meant the world that she had a true friend now. She turned
        her eyes up at him, and kissed his cheek.


Once upon a Time | Let it Go

 I was completely and utterly STUCK on this for quite a while, and then I saw the EPIC “Let it Go” video from xfoxyamanda11, and was inspired to finish it! I love love love love Once upon a time, and this song fits the entire fandom so well that I had to make this video! I hope you all like it! eightholyterrors

Second Chances|| OUAT AU 




Grace was half asleep when she felt him moving. His arm was suddenly going on around her. It was just like when she had been younger. Whenever she used to have nightmares she would scream for him in her sleep. Than he would climb into her bed with her and hold her until she fell back asleep. She drifted off within seconds, a small smile on her face. He was always the one person that could make everything better. Even after the days of not talking to him or just arguing she still wanted him. She still wanted him to accept her and love her like she loved him. Hopefully he would but Grace knew that it would probably never happen.

In the middle of the night Grace found herself waking up. She groaned softly as she let her eyes open. One of her hands ran along the bump as she slowly sat up. She did her best to not wake up as she climbed out of the bed. A small sigh came from her before she walked towards the bathroom. She reached for the glass that he kept and went to fill it, taking a few sips and biting down on her lip. Everything about the situation was confusing to her but she was trying her best to deal with it.


Dreams overtook his mind, and he remained tangled
   in them. It wasn’t often that he grew exhausted, but
   it was quite often that he would have the same kind
   of dreams, over and over again. Usually thoughts of
   Grace would weave into the back of his mind, and 
   carry through into his dreams. He tossed, and turned
   beside her, sighing as he felt her sliding from the bed 
   beside him. He opened his eyes, and watched as she
   left the room. He didn’t say anything, just watched as
   she went, listening to the thoughts that were scrambled
   inside of his own mind.

     He didn’t know why he felt the way that he did around her, and 
     he realized that he probably never would, but he also would
     never be able to do what he wanted with her. He tilted his head
     to the side, and slid out of bed, following her into the bathroom,
     he wrapped his arms around her from behind, “What is wrong?”
     He questioned, knowing that he shouldn’t be touching her, but
     it was an instinct he hadn’t avoided.




     ”I used to make them all the time during freshmen year. I thought maybe it was about time to bring it back.” 

    Charlie watched her take the paper aeroplane, fiddling with his fingers behind his back, feeling proud of his accomplishment. This one might be even better than the one he made earlier.


Summer nodded her fingers moving to throw
  the plane again, before turning her attention
  back to him. She didn’t know what to say, she
  absolutely adored the planes that he created
  at least it was the nicest thing anyone had 
  ever done, or built for her. She was a loner 
  through most of her life, she was rather independent.

  “Well they are better than anything I have ever

7 hours ago - ♥21   #summer  #charliedurham  



Celeste’s body trembled, and she cried out with Cooper’s sudden force. “Stop.” she begged, her voice a low, meek, whisper as her body writhed in his grip. She felt her throat closing up as she squeezed her eyes shut, thinking about how more often then not Evan would come home drunk and advance on her like this. All she could ever do was close her eyes and wait for it to be over. His lips against her own silenced a whimper before he pulled back, ordering her to take back her words. In a panic, Celeste nodded her head rapidly forgetting for the moment that Cooper couldn’t see the reaction.


 Cooper stilled his hands, releasing her as he remained
 with her pressed against the wall, “Isn’t this what you 
 wanted?” He growled his hands clenching into fists. He
 didn’t know what she wanted anymore, he didn’t even 
 know what he wanted. His body reacted to her, no matter
 what it was that she did, and it drove him into a slow 
 insanity to be around her. She only knew how to push
 his buttons.




"So, you’ve obviously lost your fucking mind.
You’re just angering it you TOOL.

She lost her calm- he wasn’t even trying 
so any attempt she made to handle the
situation went completely out of the window.

"… did you get it?"

  He screamed, and ran in circles flailing around,
  “I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T KNOW!” He couldn’t
  see the bug anymore since he had thrown so
  much stuff at it, that it had once again disappeared.

Once upon a Time | Let it Go

 I was completely and utterly STUCK on this for quite a while, and then I saw the EPIC “Let it Go” video from xfoxyamanda11, and was inspired to finish it! I love love love love Once upon a time, and this song fits the entire fandom so well that I had to make this video! I hope you all like it!

Jeffrey looked down at him before putting one arm gently around the girls waist.


 She cuddled against him, enjoying resting
      in his arms.

11 hours ago - ♥55   #summer  #mrdahmer  



She grunted as he forced her back against the wall, her head hitting it with a dull thud causing a low growl to pass her lips. “Idiot!?” Celeste scoffed. “Just doing what you want.” she reminded him snidely. “At least when I’m gone, you wont have to worry about me leaving you.” She added cooly, though the words felt thick as they slipped past her lips. “What does it matter what I do, I don’t matter to you!” Celeste’s statement was finished as Cooper’s lips found her own. In her frustration, she resisted for a moment but her earlier urges took over and she kissed him feverishly, her eyes closing as she leaned in to his kiss.


  Her words only proceeded to provoke the blind boy, 
  his fingers gripping her hips tighter, scrunching her
  clothes in his fists. “Stop fucking saying that! STOP!”
  He growled, “You are MINE!” He clutched as her shirt
  and ripped it open, letting the buttons fly all over the
  floor, not hardly caring that he tore it, and his fingers
  explored her sides, and he kissed her against forcibly.

      “You really need to stop fucking saying those things…
      take them back.” He tore at her skirt, hearing the 
      fabric ripping as he kept her forcibly pressed to the



Celeste jumped, startled by Cooper’s sudden appearance. Turning her attention towards him, she found him closer then she’d expected. She found herself resisting the urge to close the gap between them, her heart beating madly. “What was it you said?” Celeste started slowly as she found her voice. “let him find you…perhaps he will knock some sense back into your brain, before he murders you.” she paused for a moment, swallowing hard. “I’m just speeding up the process, Cooper.” There was a sharp edge to her voice, her eyes narrowing in his direction as she spoke. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going now. This time I am leaving you.” Celeste added, a bitter note creeping in to her voice. “Not that it matters, I’m sure. I’m probably already dead to you-Evan will just be doing you a favor when he slits my throat.”



Anger continued to boil inside of Cooper, at her, 
   it was intense, burning anger that never seemed
   to subside when he was around her. Angry that
   she was leaving him, angry that he wasn’t good
   enough, and angry just in general at her. Everything
   she did, pissed him off. He grasped her by the waist
   and pressed her against the wall, “Don’t be a fucking
   idiot!” He growled, his useless eyes looking at her. 
   He could hear the sound of her breathing, sometimes
   he swore he heard the sound of her heart, his hands
   remained on her sides, “You always fucking leave me.”
   He insisted, and dug his fingers into her sides, “Not,
   this time!” he told her. His lips crashing against hers
   not really ever understanding how she could make
   him so damn angry, and so damn aroused at the same

Holy Terrors

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